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Roosevelt High School is one of four comprehensive high schools in the St. Louis Public Schools.  That means it was once a school of last resort – only for these students not selected for a magnet school or who did not qualify for a charter school.  For years Roosevelt was considered a dangerous place: rampant gang activity and disturbing teen pregnancy rates plagued the school.  In six week during August through October 2006, students threw out three principals.

In the fall of 2006 Terry Houston became principal of Roosevelt, and the tide began to change dramatically.  He forced at least 39 different gangs to shut down, graffiti was cleaned up, fights were minimized and students, the community and local businesses began to feel safew.  By 2010 attendance had reached 90 percent.  Today, more and more students are choosing Roosevelt not as a last resort, but as a school of choice where they feel safe while receiving a quality education.

Since 2007, Project Footprints has focused its efforts on Roosevelt High School.  We are becoming an institution within the school, working year-round with its principal, 110+ faculty and staff and its 800+ students.  Project Footprints has a achieved strong record of results for this school and the many constituencies touched by it.  For example:

-          Attendance has improved from below 50% to over 90% and growing

-          Graduation rates have improved by _______

-          College acceptance rate for seniors has risen from ___ to 175.

-          Student pregnancies have decreased from 84 to 6

-          Gangs in the school has dropped from 39 to zero

Our Mission

Project Footprints provides leadership and resources to empower students in high risk environments to graduate from high school, be ready for higher education or other career and become a positive influence in their community.

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