Improving Educational Outcomes in St. Louis Public Schools

We Are Project Footprints:

   The four comprehensive high schools in the St. Louis Public Schools are high risk educational environments that pose many barriers to student success both inside and outside the classroom.  These schools often become the last resort for students not enrolled in magnet or charter schools in the District.

   Project Footprints is dedicated to improving the educational outcomes for students in the St. Louis Public School’s comprehensive high schools and prepare them to be a positive influence in their community.  Founded in 2006 by Suzanne Spence and Michael Loynd, Project Footprints is an innovative coalition of community resources and volunteers that is turning troubled high schools into schools of choice for all students.

   We are an outside resource that provides professional services and financial resources at no charge to the public schools.  We collaborate with a school’s leadership and faculty to identify the many barriers to educational success, develop solutions to those problems and then provide the leadership, expertise and resources to implement programs that create a culture of success year-round.  Our programs draw upon the services of a range of Community Partners as well as Caring Adults (parents, guardians, mentors, local influentials) with specific areas of expertise. 

   Our programs are comprehensive, professional, measurable and accountable.  We fill in the missing links in the educational chain with strong social services, financial support, inspiration and empowerment for students, parents, faculty and staff at inner city high schools.

   The parameters of our programs are as broad and encompassing as the school communities we serve.  We target improvements in the following metrics:

-          Attendance rates

-          Annual Dropout Rate

-          Graduation Rates

-          Health

-          Discipline Incidents

-          ACT Scores

-          Student Engagement

-          Parental Involvement

-          Yearly Progress Reports

   To achieve improvements in these areas requires creativity, collaboration, understanding of students’ needs and the ability to connect one-on-one with students effectively.  and others.  Our programs consist of mentoring, interventions, student support services and incentives, improved communications within the school, on-site mental and physical health services, teacher roundtables, events and celebrations for students, improvements to school facilities layout and utilization, and other innovative services.

   Project Footprints has focused its efforts on Roosevelt High School.  We are becoming an institution within the school, working year-round with its principal, 110+ faculty and staff and its 800+ students.  Project Footprints has a achieved strong record of results for this school and the many constituencies touched by it.   The biggest result of all is the changing perception and student satisfaction at Roosevelt:  attendance, graduation rate and college acceptances are all at the highest levels in decades and rising.